Tripoint near Čunovo

A recent weekend trip took me to Čunovo, a small Slovakian village near the Danube, around 15 km south of Bratislava. The primary reason for going here was to visit the point at which Austria, Slovakia and Hungary meet. As far as I’m aware, I’ve not been to a tripoint before, so this was a first for me.

From the mainstreet in Čunovo, follow the red hiking trail towards the Slovak-Hungarian border, continue along the border, which is little more than a dirt track between fields of corn and wheat marked by historic border stones. After crossing both the railway line and the motorway, you’ll eventually reach the tripoint. The walk from Čunovo takes around one hour at a leisurely pace.


Approaching the tripoint from the Hungarian-Slovak border.

Often tripoints are fairly uninspiring and located in remote locations; here, a simple white triangular pillar in the middle of farmland marks the borders. There are no visible remains of the ‘Iron Curtain’ which divided East and West for over 40 years, although an old pre-Schengen post with barbed wire marks the border between Slovakia and Hungary.

White pillar marking the tripoint

Whilst the Slovakian side offers relatively little, there is a three sided picnic table with a Coat of Arms representing each of the three countries on the Austrian side, and a small sculpture park (Szoborpark), most of which is on the Hungarian side, although I wasn’t entirely sure of its significance.

Three sided picnic table

The symbolic three sided picnic table in Austria

Coat of Arms

Panoramic view of the Tripoint; Hungary, Austria and Slovakia (left to right)

The return trip was slightly faster due to the incoming storm, which had been gradually developing due to the intense heat during the previous few days. Having arriving back in Čunovo drenched, it was good to find a pub (Reštaurácia Richtársky dvor) showing the Germany v Italy Euro 2016 quarter final, although any hopes of watching this game evaporated when there was a powercut. On a more positive note, the nakladaný hermelín (pickled cheese) served with bread was fantastic.

How to get there

There are a couple of buses from Bratislava to Čunovo, either the #90 from SND to Schengenská, or #91 from Most SNP to Čunovo-námestie. The closest villages in Austria and Hungary are Deutsch Jahrndorf and Rajka, respectively.

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