A guide to discovering Slovakian beer [map]

Slovakia is a wine producing country, yet they also produce some excellent beer. They are not as popular on global market as those from neighbouring Czech Republic, however it’s not by any means an inferior product, with very little is exported outwith Slovakia. The most popular brands include Zlatý Bažant and Šariš, brewed in Hurbanovo and Veľký Šariš, respectively, and it’s not particularly difficult to find popular Czech beers such as Plzeň or Krušovice. Imports from countries other than the Czech Republic are quite expensive, so best to stick to the local beers! The strength of Slovakian beers, like those from Czech Republic, are measured in degrees plato, and are described by their colour and style.


Dunajský Pivovar, Bratislava

Despite very few commercial breweries (many were closed during, or following, the communist era). there are in increasing number of microbreweries and brewpubs, with many towns having at least one. Of course there are more choices in the larger cities such as Bratislava and Košice. The Dunajský Pivovar, situated on an old barge moored on the Danube, is a modern microbrewery, and one of my favourite places in Bratislava to enjoy a beer with a view. If you prefer a cellar pub, then both Hostinec Richtar Jakub and Kláštorný pivovar serve their own beer and traditional beer snacks.


U medveďa, Humenné

Having been inspired by a Google Map of breweries in the Czech Republic, I decided to generate one for Slovakia, so you’ll have no problem in finding some local beer when travelling around the country!

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